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About Us

Our experiences...

... based on our experiences in different PMOs (project management offices) of multinational companies and based on our well-founded scientific research in communication and collaboration, we decided to build products that support the work of virtual teams better than those which are available on the market today.

... work in a virtual team is different. Motivation, collaboration, communication do not work the same way as in co-located teams — and thus, other management-concepts based on other models are necessary.

Using our solutions will transform your enterprise into an agile project-organized corporation. Incremental, with every new project one step further...

The CYSU & Our Services

With our incremental & iterative approach we will start the wave that will bring the change of your company with every project one step further. We won`t just write any instructions to you — we actively participate in your Scrum organized project-teams by taking the role of the Product Owner, Scrum Master, or Testing Coordinator plus taking care of the digital workspace solution our work is based on.

Product Owner

Scrum Master

Testing Coordinator

Collaboration Consultant

What makes us unique is our CYBR SUITE, the "CYSU" ...

... the CYSU is a CSCW software — a solution of applied sciences in the field of communication & collaboration. The CYSU is not only optimized for producing the structured data needed for your superior artificial intelligence integration, but it is helping us right from the start to supply the team with all the information it needs for their success...

...the CYSU-created information is the basis for gathering not only the objectives, requirements & desires needed for a better understanding of the team but also is the fundament for populating the inputs of the artificial neuronal networks in a superior way. The more superior data an organization can collect for making it available to its artificial intelligence solution, the better are the suggestions, the warnings, the pointings to best practices, findings and solutions which were made in prior projects...

... with superior data, the artificial intelligence has superior capabilities — not only to simply map & compare the actual situation of the single team with all situations all the teams in the GLOBAL CYSU-NETWORK were running into any time before, but to discover analogies on the Inputs-side as well as on the Targets-side and make its warnings, suggestions and pointings together with an extended analysis and with continuously improved intelligence.

Some call it a war and the battlefield of artificial intelligence — for us, it is the competition of the better collected and processed data.

We believe, that those organizations which are now missing the start — mainly because they did not switch to ICT-backed communication & collaboration when it was in its time and therefore do not have the collected data at hand when it is needed, will have no chance to catch this up later.

Data, which is not collected is lost data — and every Bit of lost data today is a lost bit of competitiveness tomorrow.

Many of the concepts and features that are bundled to make up an integrated tool (the CYSU) can be used and adapted into existing collaboration tools, processes or concepts as well.


theory & applied sciences

... based on the findings of Paul Watzlawick & Friedemann Schulz von Thun we did invent the CFLX to overcome the problematic of ICT-induced communication-filters.

Since we know, that the receiver of the message is responsible for the interpretation of the message — and that the non-verbal, the filtered-out parts of communication are responsible for "making the right guess" about the meaning — we needed to build a solution which fills the "interpretation-gaps-between-the-lines" with clear statements.

Throughout the CYSU the usage of these CFLX is a mandatory part of every message being transmitted — every posting being made therefore receives a set of statements for a better interpretation & understanding of the meaning.

A better understanding of man & machine — for man & machine...

The theory behind the CFLX described in a short video: